We often think of ourselves as living in a world which no longer has any unexplored frontiers. We speak of pioneering as a thing of the past. 


But in doing so we forget that the greatest adventure still challenges us - what Mister Justice Holmes called "the adventure of the human mind." Men may be hemmed in geographically, but every generation stands on the frontiers of the mind. 

In the world of ideas, there is always pioneering to be done, and it can be done by anyone who will use the equipment with which he or she is endowed. The great ideas belong to everyone. 
- Mortimer J. Alder


  1. You will long remember these days, Will. Squeeze everything you can out of them---and write the story to tell your tales of the journey. Great pic, by the way.

  2. I see you've been occupied elsewhere for a while, Will. Looking forward to any updates.

    BTW, I got one of my poems published by a small independent press in Grand Forks (Blackwood Press at http://www.blackwoodpress.com). You may not see this comment for a while. But when you eventually check out the Blackwood Press website down the road a piece, look for the posting of my poem ("Life is (Ultra) Good") on December 19, 2011. Have a great Christmas.