We evolved in wilderness and although we are now able to satisfy many of our physical needs outside it (at least in the short term), psychologically we still need the vital diversity, complexity, grandeur and beauty of wild places. We need to feel connected to something tangible that can be seen, smelled, tasted, that is much greater than our own fleeting existence.

  Preserving and fostering the fantastic life on earth grants infinitely more practical and intellectual rewards than the expensive but trivial knowledge of whether there are microbes on Mars.

From The Trees in My Forest
By Bernd Heinrich

  A woman said unto a man, “ I love you. ” And the man said, “ It is in my heart to be worthy of your love. ” 
  And the woman said, “ You love me not? ” And the man only gazed upon her and said nothing. Then the woman cried aloud, “ I hate you. ” And the man said, “ Then it is also in my heart to be worthy of your hate. ”

From The Wanderer
By Kahlil Gibran